About us

We make the transformer industry more sustainable.

The needs of energy-intensive businesses and new environmental regulations have led to rapid change in the market. To meet the challenges of the energy transition, BSTransfo is investing in the recovery of resources and the adaptation of used transformers to new production standards.

The Company

Our history.

BSTransfo was founded in 2023 by Riccardo Reboldi, an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in this field. He was co-founder and CEO of TES – Transformer Electro Service, specialising first in the service and then in the manufacture of large industrial and power transformers for Italy and the world.

Our key principles.

At BSTransfo we have always been committed to the values of sustainability and circularity, which we put into practice by maintaining and repairing used transformers. Our reconditioned and refurbished solutions offer customers a viable alternative to building new transformers, which require the use of new materials from environmentally damaging processes, at high cost and with long lead times.


A team of professionals
with in-depth knowledge.


We create customized services
to meet your needs.


We provide answers within 24 hours
of receiving the request.


At BSTransfo, we want to meet a specific need in the transformer market, which at this historic moment needs service companies more than ever. Our company fits into this context and aims to give used transformers a new lease of life by providing repair, resale and rental services for stock machines.


We serve the energy sector with large power transformers for the transmission and distribution of electricity and special transformers for industrial applications. Our team of experts can maintain, repair, rewind and restore the value of our customers’ used equipment, saving them the cost of buying new transformers.

Tailor-made services for energy-intensive companies.

BSTransfo’s work is targeted at all companies that use transformers in substations to supply power to the machines on their lines, enabling their production departments to function. One special category is steel mills, which have specific transformers for the operation of electric arc furnaces.

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