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A complete used transformer sales and rental service.

At BSTransfo we breathe new life into power, furnace, special, rectifier, traction and reactor transformers. We offer a range of complete solutions from machine repair to the sale and rental of reconditioned used transformers.
  • On-site maintenance of oil immersed transformers
  • Factory repair and coil rewinding
  • Machine testing, analysis and oil treatment
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Sale of used reconditioned transformers
  • Rental of used refurbished transformers

Why buy a reconditioned transformer?


Compared to manufacturing new machines, refurbishing used transformers is an advantageous solution that allows companies to optimise your investment costs.


Refurbished transformers are a great way to increase the sustainability of your business by minimising the use of resources and the impact of production.

Waiting times

BSTransfo offers turnkey solutions that reduce the waiting time associated with manufacturing new transformers, with the possibility of quick installation.


Our used transformers are completely serviceable to ensure optimum operation and performance equivalent to the original.

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