The future of transformers is circular.

Energy-intensive companies are now being urged to renew their fleets to optimise power consumption and reduce emissions. Many are responding to these changes by buying new machinery, leading to a saturation of demand, exacerbated by the scarcity of raw materials.

These are issues that have a significant impact on transformer manufacturers in terms of delivery times and production and labour costs, resulting in waiting times of more than two years and transformer prices that are almost double those of a few years ago.

With this in mind, BSTransfo offers a more sustainable alternative to help companies address the energy transition with circular solutions and high efficiency refurbished transformers.


Less cost, less waste: our idea of a second life.

At BSTransfo, we give a second life to used transformers already owned by our customers, ensuring fast delivery and a profitable investment to rejuvenate and refurbish their fleet.

To support this economically and environmentally virtuous choice, we are committed to providing measurable evidence that certifies the sustainability and performance of reconditioned machines.

Our partners

We work together for change.

Since its creation, BSTransfo has chosen to work with two companies that have a great deal of experience in the sector: MF Trasformatori and VI.BI. Elettrorecuperi. The aim of this collaboration is to create a cycle as virtuous as possible from a sustainability perspective and to support our customers in their work.

  • MF Trasformatori operates in the world of high efficiency renewable energy, designing and manufacturing resin-encapsulated power transformers and mineral oil immersed transformers. Its products are exported all over the world and are used in wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric power distribution.


  • VI.BI. Elettrorecuperi specialises in the disposal, recovery and recycling of materials from electrical equipment. The aim is to breathe new life into secondary raw materials such as copper and other metals with a view to recovering energy and reducing CO2 emissions.
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