Futura Expo: BSTransfo experience at the trade fair.

BSTransfo took part in the second edition of Futura Expo, at the Brixia Forum with its partners MF Trasformatori and VI.BI. Elettrorecuperi.

FUTURA – Economia per l’ambiente was an incredibly rewarding experience, allowing our team to present BSTransfo circular solutions alongside other players in the energy industry.

“BSTransfo was founded in response to a specific market need, otherwise it would not have been a sustainable business: energy companies that use electrical transformers are constantly asking us to make their transformers last longer and we want to make it possible.”

Said Riccardo Reboldi, CEO of BSTransfo during the event.

“Companies asked us to extend the life of their transformers, and thus to be aligned with the requirements of energy and ecological transition […] We live in a highly technological country which is facing a new challenge. I’ve noticed that businesses are very focused on this issue and I’m sure Italy will play a leading role in the transition.”

Along with our team, there were also our partner companies MF Trasformatori and VI.BI. Elettrorecuperi, which respectively deal with the design and manufacture of mineral oil and resin-encased power transformers and the disposal of electrical equipment of any size and power rating.

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