All the steps of BSTransfo rapid intervention.

The services provided by the BSTransfo team include direct interventions at clients’ facilities, where we carry out all necessary steps to verify the status of the machinery and act according to appropriate procedures in short times.

Through our responsive emergency service, we provide answers within 24 hours of receiving the request. This service then translates into local action to understand the origin of the problem, guide clients toward the most suitable solution for their specific case.

Recently, we were contacted by a major international steel group, which asked us for an intervention service to resolve a malfunction in one of their oil transformers. During the operation, the BSTransfo team performed on-site extraction of the active part of the transformer to verify the origin of the fault.

After extracting the active part and depositing it inside the appropriate tank, our technicians analyzed the cause of the short circuit in the transformer winding. This kind of problems are generally repairable, and in this case as well, the technical analysis by the team allowed us to identify the issue.

The transformer has now been transferred to our company to proceed with the new winding, and it will soon be ready to come back into action.

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